Secure Blueprint
Cyber Business Management Platform

Inspired by CISOs and Designed for CISOs

Key Benefits

Security as a busisiness

Run security as a business

Strategic cybersecurity vision

Move from an operational to a strategic vision

cybersecurity board reporting

Engage the board to push security to the entire enterprise


Secure Blueprint

Business Meets Security

Secure Blueprint is our unique cyber management platform that aligns security strategy with investments and business drivers.

Secure Blueprint measures cyber program maturity by benchmarking the organization's capabilities across modern cybersecurity control models.

secure blueprint cyber management dashboard
High Impact Cyber Risk Priority Heatmap


Risk Heatmap

The Key to Prioritizing Investments

Determine and justify which investments to prioritize next based on level of risk, maturity and importance to the business.

This allows you to quickly identify the biggest gaps in your program that require immediate investment.


Board & Executive Communication

Report Progress to Board in Risk-Management Speak

C-Suite presentations created by the platform enable the CISO to tell the story of the program – where you started, where you're at today and where your strategy will take you tomorrow.

Cyber Security Initiative Roadmap


Cybersecurity Initiative Roadmap

A Timeline and Dynamic Roadmap Showing How Activities Support Strategy

An automatically generated and dynamically updated roadmap gives you visibility on current and planned activities and depicts the initiative budget size. By hovering on a circle, you access relevant initiative information on maturity and timing.

Initiative Planning

Operationalize Your Program

Define, prioritize and manage cybersecurity initiatives within the platform and measure their impact as they mature.

As initiatives are completed, maturity and risk scores are automatically recalculated so you can see where your investments have made the biggest difference.

Secure Blueprint-metrics

Operational Metrics

Validate Your Maturity Assessment with Facts

Track operational security metrics in the platform. Get assurance that your operational security controls are effective. Link your operational security metrics with NIST CSF sub-categories.

Cybersecurity Program management

SaaS for the CISO

Software inspired by CISOs to automate cybersecurity program management

Qualitative cybersecurity metrics

Collaborative Model

Combining qualitative metrics from key stakeholders and results from threat modeling

cyber maturity and risk

Granular Scoring

Measure maturity and risk at the component, domain, and program levels

Easy cyber deployment

Focus 5

Easily identify the Top 5 components that require attention

Calculate cyber business KPIs

Up-to-Date KPIs

Automatically calculate CISO KPIs to measure progress and assess impact

Automated cyber reporting

Actionable Dashboards

Automated reporting to help plan, prioritize, and justify investments

What the Analysts Say:

"One cannot manage what one cannot measure. Such is the dilemma faced by CSOs, and across multiple pain-points: codifying status of cybersecurity plans, succinctly communicating with board members, and coordinating with intra-company organizations. Simply, CSOs know what they want to measure and accomplish, but lack modern-day tools to visualize, measure, manage, and report. With Kudelski Security's Secure Blueprint, CSOs can overcome this dilemma."

Michael Suby I Stratecast VP of Research | Frost & Sullivan



"The key enabler for effective risk control is to establish a strategic planning capability that enables the organization to develop and refine a roadmap of investments that recognizes continuous change in the business, technology and threat environments."

Gartner I Institute Cybersecurity & Risk Governance Practices to Improve Information Security | 26 January 2017


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